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Pruning shears& saws

Japanese professional pruning shears and pruning saws with extremely sharp edges with inheriting the Katana hardening knowledges can stay sharp longer than conventional counterparts.

We have been cooperating with Japanese saw makers, pruning shear  and grafting knife makers to develop tools for customers' special demands with customers' Brand name (OEM), and all reach the great satisfaction of customers.

Pruning shears

Secateur sharpening stone

The stones have been developed for sharpening the secateurs or pruning shears, loppers etc. They are Coarse(black)stone for shaping the blade, Medium(Blue) stones for sharpeing the edges, Fine(Orange) finishing stones for honing the edges of High carbon steel or High speed steel made cutlery tools


Grafting Knife

Japanese forged grafting knives with the Yasuki Cutlery steel can cut the scion smoothly, and the blade can be easily resharpened with the sharpening stones.

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