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Funahiro Kiridashi

Funahiro, Ltd is headed up by Yuji Funatsu, from Nagaoka city in Niigata Prefecture. The Funatsu family is most notable for their production of Japanese style plane blades. He got started in the trade initially from watching his father forge chisels, and replaced his father in the heat treatment. His main teacher was the well-known plane blacksmith Kengo Usui. He employs many tactics such as forging blades while using a microscope, in an effort to produce only the very best. He was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays by Emperor Akihito in 2008 for his contribution to the industry and forged the JOSUI (如水) plane blade in celebration.

Ikeuchi Kiridashi

Ikeuchi Knife Co. was founded in 1952 by Shozo Ikeuchi, who became a disciple to a master swordsmith at age 12, serving 8 years before starting his own business. The company now has 3 generations of Ikeuchi working in harmony to produce wonderful cutting utensils, as a one off commission or a small batch. The highest quality products require more than 70 steps from forging to finally being put in the presentation box.

Tsunesaburo Kiridashi

The founder of Tsunesaburo's grandfather took an apprenticeship when he was 13 years old. He trained under a master swordsmith called Utaro Kurokawa who had transitioned from making swords to making plane blades. All the skills he had mastered while training under Kurokawa, he passed on to his young grandson, Tsunezo Uozumi. Tsunesaburo continue to innovate by introducing the latest in steel forgery techniques while doggedly maintaining the original techniques introduced by Kurokawa.

Fujiwara Kiridashi

Kazuo Fujiwara started manufacturing small handmade knives in 1927. His son, Yoshiteru expanded the range to kitchen knives and paring knives. This company is passionate about making tools that suit the needs of the modern age while employing traditional techniques.

Knife size range: 9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm/24mm

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