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Suehiro is a company based in Niigata, Japan. They specialise in making whetstones for all practical applications, and run the gamut from coarse to very fine stones of twenty thousand grits. The GOKUMYO series are loved by cabinet makers, chefs, cutlery dealers and collectors. We are the direct overseas agent for Suehiro’s stones, and OEM proposals are also welcomed should the customer want something tailored to their specific needs.

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Introducing Suehiro's latest product - GMFH. The GMFH is a no.3 (medium to fine grit) type whetstone in the GOKUMYO series of stones.

Combining durability with smooth sharpening, GMFH will be a welcome addition to any woodworker's toolkit.

They are also versatile, coming with a custom stand which can be removed at any time, should the user want to control the angle of sharpening.

The weight balance and smoothness of the whetstones makes it easy to steadily sharpen blades.


GMFH Lineup

Here is a selection of the GMFH Whetstones we currently have available.


Debado whetstones are tailored towards a meticulous crafter who requires a more refined product, we recommend Debado for blades using stainless cutlery steel like VG10 and Ginsan, as well as powder steel like SG2\R2.  By just splashing the whetstone with some moisture by hand, the Debado series are ready to start sharpening. Suehiro has recently changed elements of the manufacturing process which has increased the hardness and grinding power of the whetstones.


Crafted with precision and affordability in mind, Cerax whetstones represent a quality standard that won't break the bank. With proper care, Cerax can provide consistent sharpening over many sessions. From beginners to experts, Cerax stones are ideal for crafters, chefs and craftspeople from all walks of life. All models listed below come in a free storage case which can be used as a stand. For other models, please refer to the Suehiro website or contact us directly!

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