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Japanese Handsaws

Japanese handsaws are favoured by cabinet makers, carpenters, luthiers, carvers, fruit growers, and DIYers alike for their durability and sharpness. ZETSAW is the leading manufacturer in this area, and have combined modern cutting edge technology with classic artisanal spirit to produce the very best hand saws. ZETSAW saws are adapted based on feedback from users worldwide, and we welcome any feedback from our customers about ZETSAW saws as their agent for overseas sales.

Types of handsaws

Japanese handsaws are available in a variety of configurations, to suit the type of work being conducted.  If you're confused as to which saw you're looking for, we've included some notable examples below.



Dozuki saws have a reinforced back. This design minimizes blade flex, allowing for more accurate cuts. This saw is ideal for cutting dovetails and other fine joinery work.


Kataba saws typically have relatively large teeth with wide spacing. This design allows for efficient and fast cutting through wood. The large teeth help prevent binding and facilitate the quick removal of material. The lack of a reinforced back also allows for a more flexible blade. This saw is available in ripcutting, crosscutting and hybrid configurations.


The most distinctive feature of a ryoba saw is its dual-sided blade. One side of the blade is designed for crosscutting, while the other side is intended for rip cutting. This eliminates the need to switch between different saws for various cutting tasks, making the ryoba saw a versatile option.

Some selected saws

Here, we have included some of the more popular handsaws from ZETSAW's range.

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