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Crafted with precision and innovation, these rasps boast 10 double-sided, hardened steel strips seamlessly riveted together to create an expansive cutting surface. Engineered for excellence, they excel in woodwork but also tackle soft metals and plastic with ease, making them a versatile addition to any toolkit.

Celebrated by luthiers, carpenters, and woodworkers worldwide, these rasps are more than just tools—they're game-changers! Whether you're shaping guitar necks or crafting intricate woodwork, Shinto rasps deliver unmatched performance. Their unique waffled design ensures they never clog, allowing you to work tirelessly without interruption.

With a coarse side that swiftly removes excess wood and a fine side for impeccable finishes, these rasps streamline your workflow and minimize the need for sandpaper. Plus, their ambidextrous design means they're suitable for both left and right-handed artisans.

Experience the difference with Shinto saw rasps—unlock the power to shape and sculpt with precision, efficiency, and longevity. Join the ranks of craftsmen who demand nothing but the best, and elevate your woodworking game today!

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