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The FHO series of Ohitsu by Hasegawa Kagaku are an improvement over the traditional wooden style of Ohitsu. For those unaware, an ohitsu is a container for storing cooked rice, keeping it warm while also stopping it getting too sticky or mushy. Ohitsu are used in both Japanese households and restaurants.

Hasegawa have refined the ohitsu in a number of ways. Inserting foam into the internals of the bowl have allowed for greater retention of heat compared to wooden ohitsu.

The plastic surface is stain resistant, easy to clean, and prevents buildup of dirt or mold, and the light weight makes carrying and cleaning it much easier.


The ohitsu come in a variety of sizes depending on the needs of the customer.

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 10-05-50 Ohitsu – Sushi Rice Container HASEGAWA Kitchen Wares.png
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