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Disassembly and assembly instructions for Onoyoshi shears


Necessary tools: box wrench (10-12mm)

Detach the nut and spring from the front side of the blade (same side as the logo) Loosen and pull out the screw by turning it in a counterclockwise motion.

Assembly - Step 1

With the upper and lower blades stacked on top of each other, thread the screw through the screw barrel, add the nut and tighten it by hand. After this, we can add the spring.

Assembly - Step 2

Tighten the nut using the socket wrench. If the spring won't open, loosen the screw by rotating the socket wrench counterclockwise.

Assembly - Step 3

If the spring still won't open, repeat step 2 until opening and closing becomes smooth. Tighten the nut with a wrench to prevent it from loosening.

Assembling the MATSUBABANE torsion spring


With the shears opened, you will see two recessed groove openings. Insert and hook the tip of the spring to the grooves on both sides.

With the spring attached, retract the spring and hook it into the other groove. Once this is complete, ensure the shears still open and close properly.


Onoyoshi products are equipped with a special MATSUBABANE torsion spring to ensure customers can work with ease. The spring and screw will wear down over time, therefore we recommend regular maintenance and replacement of these parts to ensure longtime use of the product. To prevent injury, please wear gloves and perform maintenance in a safe environment.

Custom parts for Onoyoshi shears

Leather grip cover

Materials: Genuine leather cover (80x40mm) x2

                  Leather strap                (450mm)    x2

The genuine leather case gives a sense of refinement to the shears. It fits well and absorbs shock. You can also watch as the leather ages over time, chronicling your gardening efforts.


Installation instructions

1. Cut both ends of the leather straps at an angle (as shown in the picture) before installation. This will make it easier to thread through the holes in the cover.

2. To prevent the shears from moving, secure it with a vice or similar apparatus. It's recommended to cover the blade with a cloth to prevent injury.

3. Apply the leather covers to the handle and thread the straps through. Adjust the length of the straps so that they are even.

4. Tighten the straps to securely adhere the leather covers to the handles of the shears. Once the covers have been securely adhered, tie knots with the straps.

5. Repeat this process for the leather cover on the other handle, making sure to check for any misalignment in the process.

Leather snap

Materials: Genuine leather, metal fittings 43x16mm

This bespoke genuine leather snap allows you to open and close the stopper more smoothly. 4 colours are available, so you can choose one that matches your shears.

Installation instructions

There is a dedicated opening on the stopper to which you can attach the leather snap.

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